Thursday, January 5, 2017

Jacob's Limp

Jacob was considered a deceiver, he deceived his brother, his father-in-law and probably himself.

Just before being reunited with his estranged brother, fearful of what Esau might do to his wives, children and property; he camped by himself for an evening of mental preparation. The anticipated reflective evening all changed when a stranger showed up and a battle ensued.  The battle lasted all night and in the morning Jacob got a name change, a blessing and a limp.

What does battling with the Lord or the Lord's angel look like today? It's generally in prayer, it's the discussions and arguments we have with God. It's pouring our emotions, hurts, worries and fears out. It can be messy.

After a gruelling night, the victory came in the morning with a limp. What does a limp look like today? It may be a physical manifestation, or could it be what has been given up? Is it a loss of pride, selfishness, worry, regret or control?

We have all experienced battles. It may have been for our health, relationships, finances or destiny.  In preparation for my health battle, God gave me a new name (Overcomer) with a new identity (More than a Conqueror).  He gave me a promise (by His stripes I am healed) which He needed to remind me often. My limp are the scars that remain after the victory.

What are you battling?
Have you received a new name?
What's the blessing and promise you are holding on to?
Do you have a limp?

This month at C3 Calgary West, our sermon series will be on Hope. Please join us every Sunday at 9:30 and 11:15 to get filled with hope and courage to face your battles.